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BR Hospital  is a one stop maternity care center for a safe pregnancy and delivery. We believe in providing premier comprehensive services so that your journey right from conception to delivery is pleasant, enjoyable and memorable. The friendly atmosphere, the warmth and the protection provided at our hospital gives the mother-to-be a comfortable and stress-free delivery experience. All deliveries whether vaginal delivery or caesarean section is performed by the team of experienced and qualified doctors and staffs. After the delivery, our team ensures that you receive the best care and proper guidance on after birth care and parenting. Regular visits from pediatricians to check on the newborn’s health, advice on breastfeeding, nutritious diet, and postnatal exercises, care at home etc. are a few extra special cares you receive from our end.
Obstetrics and Gynaecological section offers comprehensive Obstetric and Gynaecological care with sophisticated diagnostic services. Our highly trained professionals provide services covering health care, counseling and education to women from adolescent to menopause. 



  1. Prenatal care and counseling
  2. Postnatal care
  3. Care and delivery of normal and high risk pregnancies
  4. Adolscent care
  5. Management of all gynecological conditions
  6. Contraceptive advise and family planning services
  7. Gynaecological surgeries
  8. Preventive oncology
  9. Gynaecological minimally Invasive Surgery (Endoscopic Surgery)
  10. Cosmetic Gyneacology
  Minimal Invasive Gynae Surgery


The department offers laparoscopic surgery for removal of tumors and cysts through key-hole incisions including high-end surgical solutions for management of complex gynaecological disorders and hysteroscopic surgery for uterine disorder, intra-uterine fibroids and adhesions. Our areas of expertise include treatment for:
  1. Abnormal uterine bleeding & menstrual disorder like fibroid, endoinetriosis
  2. Tumors like ovarian cyst & malignancies
  3. Vaginal Infections
  4. Urinary incontinence (leaking)
  5. PCOS Treatment


  1. Advance laparoscopic & hysteroscopy like: TLH, myomectomy & adhesions
  2. All vaginal surgeries
  3. Vaginal Infections
  4. Cervical cancer screening program
  5. Gynae-onco surgeries
  6. Fertility enhancement surgeries like tubal surgery, Aadhesiolysis septum resection

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BR hospital shall strive to provide health care services with sustained efforts to ensure that it is equitable, affordable, accountable and responsive to the people’s need. Together we create equal opportunity for better and safe work environment through continuous delivery of quality services as we always do.

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